SZV – Social & Health Insurances

The Social & Health Insurances (SZV) covers the healthcare costs of approximately 22 thousand Sint Maartener’s: two-thirds of the population (STAT, Census 2011).

SZV is an executing agency which was established by law on October 4, 2010 (AB 2013, GT no. 69) but fully operational from 2011. SZV is a semi-independent governing body that executes the administration and management of the National Health and Social Insurance Schemes of Sint Maarten.

Among others, the SZV administers and manages the General Old-Age insurance.

The General Old-Age insurance (AOV, AB 2013 GT no. 520), is a compulsory insurance which guarantees those persons who have reached retirement age a basic pension to minimally meet their basic needs.

AOV stands for “Algemene Ouderdomsverzekering”. It is a general insurance, based on the principle of solidarity, which guarantees a basic pension to those who have reached retirement age.

Solidarity principle means that:

  1. Anyone who enjoys an income in the (former) Netherlands Antilles must pay AOV Premium.
  2. Everyone who has lived in the (former) Netherlands Antilles is entitled to AOV benefits regardless of nationality or employment status.
  3. Anyone who has been insured for AOV and has reached the pensionable age, is entitled to receive AOV. You are insured when you lived registered in the (former) Netherlands Antilles and/or were declaring income tax in the (former) Netherlands Antilles. As a result of 10-10-10 every island of the former Netherlands Antilles has to pay only for the portion of pension equivalent to the years build up on that specific island.

Please note:

The AOV benefit is granted upon application.
The benefit amount depends on the number of years that you have been a resident of the (former) Netherlands Antilles before reaching the retirement age.
Everybody born before January 1, 1958, have 60 years as their pensionable age.
Everybody born after December 31, 1957 have 62 as their pensionable age.
SZV will only be paying for the years that were build up on the island of St. Maarten. If you have lived on one of the other islands of the former Netherlands Antilles, you will have to also apply for your pension over there.

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Explanation about rquirements for AOV can be found at: AOV-Requirements

The AOV request form can be downloaded from the page: customer-service-forms